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dimanche, mai 11, 2014

Henry Mancini The Pink Panther Strikes Again [Original Soundtrack]

1     Main Title From The Pink Panther Strikes Again   
2     The Inspector Clouseau Theme   
3     The Great Quasimodo Disguise   
4     Bier Fest Polka   
5     Come To Me (Instrumental)   
6     Until You Love Me
    Vocals – Michael Robbins  
7     Come To Me
    Vocals – Peter Sellers, Tom Jones    
8     Along Came Omar   
9     Until You Love Me (Instrumental)   
10     The Inspector Clouseau Theme (Reprise)   
11     The Evil Theme   
12     Exodus From The Castle   
13     How   
14     The Plan/The Snatch   
15     Until You Love Me (Alternate Instrumental Version)   
16     The Dommsday Machine   
17     Organ Interlude By The Ex-Chief Inspector Dreyfus   
18     End Credits

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