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samedi, juin 21, 2014

CHiPs Vol. 1: Season Two, 1978-79

Music Composed and Conducted by Alan Silvestri

"Theme From CHiPs" Composed by John Parker
Main Title (Parker, arr. Silvestri) 1:18
Peaks and Valleys 3:52
Family Crisis 5:41
Disaster Squad 6:19
Neighborhood Watch 3:33
High Flyer 6:15
Trick or Trick (Bruce Broughton) 5:56
The Grudge 5:12
The Sheik 5:44
Return of the Turks 5:37
Supercycle 2:45
High Explosive 4:46
Down Time 2:48
Repo Man 2:12
Mait Team 4:03
Pressure Point 2:43
Rally 'Round the Bank 2:24
Matchmakers 2:39
Ponch's Disco (From "Peaks and Valleys") 3:59
End Credits (Parker, arr. Silvestri) 0:26

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