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samedi, juin 21, 2014

CHiPs Vol. 3: Season Four, 1980-81

Music Composed and Conducted by Alan Silvestri

“Theme From CHiPs” Composed by John Parker
Main Title (Parker, arr. Silvestri) 1:17
To Your Health
Late Night Snack/Not All the Way/Tie Rod 3:39
You’ll Find Out/Would You Believe 2:11
Escort/Rescue 5:09
Bumper (Parker, arr. Silvestri) 0:07
Go-Cart Terror
The Cops 2:06
The Owner/Loaded Up 4:03
Home Fires Burning
The Team 3:27
Taking a Nap/Step Aside/More Fire 4:43
Will Assist/Sinking 3:54
Bad Boat/Playtime/Just Kidding 3:48
Sharks/Disappear 5:38
Ponch’s Angels
What Truck (Source)/Arms in the Air (Source) 3:09
Pile Up/Accident 3:29
Let’s Roll/I See ’Em 3:27
You Blew It/Let’s Do It/Freeze/Testify 3:37
New Guy in Town
Backup/Go for It 3:48
The Hawk and the Hunter
Late Model/He’s Here 6:21
Mitchell & Woods
Main Title/Let’s Get Him 4:02
Dials/Excuse Me, Sir/Mustang/Hey Mister 4:34
Dead Man’s Riddle
Let’s Race/Run By/I’m Sorry/Hold It 3:48
A Simple Operation
The Rabbit/Get It 2:03
End Title (Parker, arr. Silvestri) 0:28

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