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dimanche, juillet 06, 2014

Capitol Rare: Funky Notes from the West Coast, Vol. 2

1     –Sheree Brown     It's A Pleasure     4:03
2     –Gene Dunlap     Before You Break My Heart     6:06
3     –Natalie Cole     La Costa     3:53
4     –Gary Bartz     Carnival De L'Esprit     5:52
5     –Alphonse Mouzon     Sunshower     4:21
6     –Chico Hamilton     Abdullah And Abraham     4:16
7     –Ronnie Laws     Tidal Wave     4:07
8     –Carmen McRae     Can't Hide Love     3:56
9     –Nat Adderley Sextet     Space Spiritual     7:27
10     –Margo Thunder     Expressway To Your Heart     3:37
11     –Patti Drew     Beggar For The Blues     5:46
12     –100% Pure Poison     Windy C     5:29
13     –Gene Harris     Theme For Relana     6:35
14     –Minnie Riperton     Inside My Love     4:01
15     –Stratavarious     Nightfall     8:29

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