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toda la buena musica y........... basta......................

San Miguel No. 410 e/ Lealtad y Campanario.
Ciudad de la Habana.


mardi, août 05, 2014

Blue Juice Volume 3

1     –Ferrante & Teicher     Christo Redentor    
2     –Bobby Womack     California Dreamin'    
3     –Peggy Lee     Spinning Wheel    
4     –Patti Drew     Hard To Handle    
5     –Blue Mitchell     Collision In Black    
6     –Joe Frazier     Knock Out Drop    
7     –Richard "Groove" Holmes     Listen Here    
8     –Grant Green     Afro Party    
9     –George Semper     Shortnin' Bread    
10     –Billy Larkin & The Delegates*     Pygmy (Part 2)    
11     –George Nardello     Ooga Mooga    
12     –Truman Thomas     Funky Broadway    
13     –Cannonball Adderley     Up And At It    
14     –Eddie Palmieri     Harlem River Drive    
15     –Blue Mitchell     Swahili Suite    
16     –Victor Feldman     Do The Jake    
17     –Peggy Lee     Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay    
18     –Art Ensemble Of Chicago, The     Theme De Yoyo    
19     –Ray Terrace     Cuchy Frito Man    
20     –Claude Ciari     Funky Beat    
21     –John Gregory     Jaguar    
22     –Bill Doggett     Funky Whistler    
23     –Collage (6)     Madrid

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