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mardi, août 19, 2014

Legends of Acid Jazz - Bill Jennings, Jack McDuff

    Enough Said (Johnson)
    Tough Gain (Jennings)
    Volare (Migliacci / Modugno / Parish)
    Dark Eyes (Salama)
    It Could Happen to You (Burke / VanHeusen)
    Blue Jams (Jennings / McDuff)
    Dig Uncle Will (McDuff)
    Glide On (Wilson)
    Alexandria, Virginia (Jennings)
    Billin' and Bluin' (Jennings)
    There Will Never Be Another You (Gordon / Warren)
    Azure-Te (Paris Blues) (Davis / Wolf)
    Fiddlin' (Jennings)
    Cole Slaw (Stone)
    Miss Jones (Miller / Ragan)

    Bill Jennings - guitar
    Jack McDuff - organ
    Al Jennings - vibraphone, guitar (tracks 8-15)
    Wendell Marshall - bass
    Alvin Johnson - drums

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