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mardi, août 19, 2014

Legends of Acid Jazz - Charles Kynard

    Afro-Disiac (Fritz)
    Chanson de Nuit (Fritz)
    Sweetheart (Scott)
    Trippin' (Kynard)
    Odds On (Fritz)
    Belladonna (Fritz)
    Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui (Beautiful People) (Fritz)
    Winter's Child (Fritz)
    Zebra Walk (Kynard)
    Something (Harrison)
    Change Up (Kynard)

Musicians on tracks 1 to 6;

    Charles Kynard - organ
    Houston Person - tenor saxophone
    Grant Green - guitar
    Jimmy Lewis - bass
    Bernard Purdie - drums

Musicians on tracks 7 to 11;

    Charles Kynard - organ, electric piano
    Virgil Jones - trumpet
    Rusty Bryant - tenor saxophone
    Melvin Sparks - guitar
    Jimmy Lewis - bass
    Idris Muhammad - drums (tracks 7 to 10)
    Bernard Purdie - drums (track 11)

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  1. Thanks I played this CD so much (one I kept in car) so when I ripped it to MP3 it sounded like crap so this is a major up-grade thumbs up on clean files LOL oldhippierick

  2. yeah !! old............. great and thank you !!