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lundi, août 18, 2014

Legends of Acid Jazz - Houston Person

    Son of Man (Ousley)
    Teardrops (Biggs-Childs / Davis)
    (They Long To Be) Close to You (Bacharach / David)
    Drown in My Own Tears (Glover)
    Up at Joe's, Down at Jim's (Person)
    Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday (Miller / Wells)
    Young, Gifted and Black (Irvine / Simone)
    The Houston Express (Ott)
    Enjoy (Ott)
    Give More Power to the People (For God's Sake) (Record)
    Chains of Love (Nugetre)
    Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Strong / Whitfield)
    Lift Every Voice and Sing (Johnson)

Tracks 1 to 6;

    Houston Person - tenor saxophone
    Virgil Jones - trumpet
    Sonny Phillips - organ
    Grant Green - guitar
    Jimmy Lewis - bass
    Idris Muhammad - drums

Tracks 7 to 13, musicians include;

    Houston Person - tenor saxophone
    Babe Clark - saxophones
    Cecil Bridgewater - trumpet
    Thad Jones - trumpet
    Money Johnson - trumpet
    Garnett Brown - trombone
    Jack Jeffers - trombone
    Paul Griffin - piano
    Ernie Hayes - organ
    Billy Butler - guitar
    Gerry Jemmott - bass
    Bernard Purdie - drums

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