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mardi, août 19, 2014

Legends of Acid Jazz - Red Holloway

    Monkey Sho' Can Talk (Holloway)
    Brethren (Holloway)
    Crib Theme (Cadena)
    The Burner (Holloway)
    Miss Judie Mae (Holloway)
    Moonlight in Vermont (Blackburn / Suessdorf)
    Making Tracks (Benson)
    Movin' On (Benson)
    Good and Groovy (Benson)
    Get It Together (Benson)
    Big Fat Lady (Benson)
    Tear in My Heart (Simmons)
    Eagle Jaws (Holloway Red)
    I'm All Packed (Simmons)
    The Regulars (Ousley)

Tracks 1 to 6;

    Red Holloway - saxophone
    John Patton - organ
    George Butcher - organ
    Eric Gale - guitar
    Charles Linday - guitar
    Leonard Gaskin - bass
    Herb Lovelle - drums

Tracks 7 to 15;

    Red Holloway - saxophone
    Norman Simmons - piano
    Lonnie Smith - organ
    George Benson - guitar
    Paul Breslin - bass
    Chuck Rainey - bass
    Ray Lucas - drums
    Frank Severino - drums

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