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mardi, août 19, 2014

Legends of Acid Jazz - Sonny Phillips

    Sure 'Nuff, Sure 'Nuff (Phillips)
    Be Yourself (Phillips)
    Oleo (Rollins)
    Mobile to Chicago (Phillips)
    The Other Blues (Phillips)
    Black on Black (Bryant / Lewis / Phillips / Purdie / Sparks)
    Check It Out (Phillips)
    Blues in Maude's Flat (Green)
    Proud Mary (Fogerty)
    The Doll House (Lewis)

Tracks 1 to 5;

    Sonny Phillips - organ
    Houston Person - saxophone
    Virgil Jones - trumpet
    Joe "Boogaloo" Jones - guitar
    Bob Bushnell - bass
    Bernard Purdie - drums

Tracks 6 to 10;

    Sonny Phillips - organ
    Rusty Bryant - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
    Melvin Sparks - guitar
    Jimmy Lewis - bass
    Bernard Purdie - drums

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