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San Miguel No. 410 e/ Lealtad y Campanario.
Ciudad de la Habana.


dimanche, janvier 17, 2016

Louis Bellson / Lalo Schifrin ‎– Explorations

 "Variations" - 3:19
    "Primitive" - 5:27
    "Explorations" - 5:15
    "Cycles" - 2:15
    "Ostinato" - 6:24
    "Etude for Tympani and Strings" - 5:10
    "Toledano" - 4:45

    Lalo Schifrin - arranger, conductor
    Louis Bellson - drums, tympani, log drum, percussion
    Artie Kane - keyboards
    Alton Hendrickson - guitar
    Keith Mitchell - bass
    Erno Neufeld, Anatol Kaminsky, David Frisina, Sam Freed, Nathan Kaproff, George Kast, Alex Murray, Marvin Limonick - violin
    Sanford Schonbach, Virginia Majewski - viola
    Raphael Kramer, Eleanor Slatkin - cello
    Dorothy Remsen - harp
    Bobby Helfer - orchestra manager

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  1. Great! Thank You!! <3

  2. excelente trabajo... muy buena música!!

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